Light Panel Replacement

As explained in our LIMTED WARRANTY section, under average usage of six hours per day, the Luchae light panels should last for many decades. Nevertheless, like all light sources they will eventually burn out. When that happens, the light panel can easily be replaced.

Replacement light panels can be purchased through the same gallery where you purchased your Luchae. The Luchae light panels can also be purchased through local picture frame shops. The procedure is that you would take your Luchae to a local picture frame shop. That shop would remove the staples from the back of the frame. The new replacement light panel would be dropped into the frame and then re-stapled in place. Then you would be good for many more decades before needing to repeat this procedure.

If you happen to live in an area in which taking your Luchae to a picture frame shop would be inconvenient then the Luchae staff could walk you through this process over the phone so that you could replace the light panel in the convenience of your own home.

Since the Luchae light panels usually last for decades before needing replacement a few customers have asked what they would do if by that time Luchae has gone out of business. The important thing to understand is that the Luchae light panels use LED technology which is an industry that is growing at an extraordinarily fast pace. There are already a handful of companies that will supply custom sized light panels that can be used to replace Luchae light panels.

At this time the problem with those alternative suppliers of light panels is that they do not offer their light panels with the same quality of lighting, with thin power supplies attached, and with remote control dimmers. The way the LED industry is growing in just the next 10 years all that’s going to change so that in the future, your decision will have to be which of the many companies to choose from in deciding upon a replacement light panel.