Limited Warranty

We suspect most companies state their warranty policy in small print and hard to understand language because they don’t really want you to understand their warranty policy. At Luchae, we want you to understand how long your Luchae light panel should last so we have elaborated on our product and limited warranty policy to be as clear as possible.

Background information

Our supplier of LEDs has informed us that the LEDs used in Luchae light panels are rated for 50,000 hours. That is 5.7 years at continual usage and almost 23 years at six hours/day of usage. This duration is a bit misleading because these tests have been conducted under ideal laboratory conditions and not under normal use. When the LEDs are mounted inside a small unventilated space such as inside a picture frame they get warmer, which reduces the life of the LEDs.

On the positive side most customers don’t run their Luchae light panels at the brightest setting so that helps to minimize the reduction in the life expectancy of the LEDs. Although we believe you will enjoy your Luchae light panels for quite some time, the reality is that we cannot guarantee an estimated lifetime for the Luchae light panels. We have used all solid-state electronic parts throughout the light panel with the hope that the light panel will last a very long time but like all light sources it will eventually burn out and need replacement.

Limited Warranty

With the above information as background, Luchae will warrant against defects in materials or manufacturing on any and all parts that fail on your Luchae light panel for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. This limited warranty will be prorated on any failures that occur after 24 months but before 60 months from the date of purchase based on a 20% reduction per year starting from the date of purchase; Luchae will cover the following warranty costs: 60% in the third year, 40% in the fourth year and 20% in the fifth year. Luchae will use either new parts or refurbished parts which Luchae deems to be similar to new parts. In the event that Luchae is unable to repair the light panel, Luchae will replace it with a new or refurbished light panel.

In order to have an exact date of purchase, we suggest that you tape a copy of your original receipt to the back of the light panel so that you will always be able to prove your date of purchase. If your original receipt is lost, then the date code that has been laser etched into the back of every light panel will be used by us to estimate the date of purchase.

This limited warranty is void for obvious damage such as impact from falling off the wall, down a flight of stairs, other external causes, or less obvious, such as if the Luchae light panel is mounted in a manner that prevents adequate ventilation.

The back of the light panel should never be covered as that will prevent air circulation which can cause the LEDs to overheat and thereby burn out prematurely. Also, the light panel should always be hung against a wall in a manner that allows at least one quarter inch of space for ventilation. This is easily accomplished by attaching the 1/4 inch deep bumper pads supplied with the light panel to the back of the picture frame moulding.

Obtaining warranty service

If you feel you have a valid warranty claim, please first notify us through the contact information shown below to obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA). Once you contact us, we will provide you with an RMA number, logistics, and mechanics on how to return the light panel to us. When possible, please return the panel in the original packaging or similar packaging that provides the same protection. You will be responsible for the shipping costs of returning the light panel. We may ask you some questions to help us assess the potential issues with the light panel.

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Now for the mind-numbing part, this limited warranty only applies to light panels manufactured by Luchae and will not apply to any non-Luchae hardware or product used with the Luchae light panel.  Do not open, tamper, or modify the light panel as this will void the limited warranty.  To the extent allowed by law, this limited warranty is exclusive and in place of all other warranties and remedies whatsoever, whether written or oral, express or implied.  Luchae disclaims all other warranties, including implied, warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and warranty against hidden or latent defects.  Luchae will not be responsible for any direct, special, consequential, or incidental damages, costs of recovery as a result of, or for breach of warranty or for any reason.  Since Luchae does not print any images or engage in any picture framing, we are not responsible for any claims or damage that you may experience related to the same.

This limited warranty shall be governed by the laws of California without giving effect to conflicts of law that may provide for the application of law from another state or jurisdiction.  You hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in the counties of Alameda or Santa Clara, California.